Hello, all Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts! I would like to tell you about my wonderful prints inspired by DnD.

DnD Tshirts - The answer to the question “what to give to a player in DND”
DnD Tshirts - The best gift for DM.
DnD Tshirts - original prints Dungeons and Dragons t-shirts from AFilinkov. DnD t-shirt for players or DM

My friends became envious when I started wearing these prints on t-shirts. I also regularly dress up in them for various events and festivals!

One day, an idea sparked in my mind – to create a mimic’s mouth on a t-shirt. Filled with inspiration and immersed in the creative process, I brought to life a truly cool mouth design. However, to my surprise, I later realized that the concept wasn’t as unique as I initially believed. Despite this, I remain incredibly content with my creation. In my humble opinion, my mimic design stands out as the most awe-inspiring.

You can buy all these t-shirts on the RedBubble website

On the RedBubble platform, you can choose men’s and women’s t-shirts with various designs, as well as a variety of other clothing and items featuring my prints. Their delivery service works wonderfully, and they ship packages almost worldwide!

Expanding the assortment: If I see that you like my prints, I will allocate more time to this direction, expanding the range of print designs for t-shirts.

Furthermore, I have created a separate album with prints on Pinterest.

DnD T-shirts by AFilinkov – T-shirts for Dungeons & Dragons game enthusiasts to gift to men, women, and children for birthdays or holidays.