Top View Wizard Tokens – Set 02

Available for: New Fans (~$5/month)
Wizard token set for your online games:
– 56 tokens with circle background
– 56 tokens with transparent background

The free version contains a small part of the product as an example.

Download free version
See publication on Boosty forDownload full version

For personal use only!

Use these tokens to enhance your storytelling, combat encounters, and magical moments in your game. Elevate your Dungeons and Dragons experience with the Top View Wizard Token set and watch as the world of magic unfolds before your eyes.

Reviews (3)
  1. Kobold Shmobold

    The Top View Wizard Tokens have really enhanced my D&D campaign by bringing the magic and mystique of spellcasting to life. My players love the detailed artwork and unique poses of each token.

  2. Troll Droll

    Since incorporating the Top View Wizard Tokens into my games, my players have been more invested in the magical aspects of the world. The tokens act as a visual anchor that enhances the storytelling and deepens the immersion.

  3. Goblin Boblin

    I’ve found that the Top View Wizard Tokens are a great way to visually represent different spellcasters and magic users in combat encounters. They add a dynamic element to battles and make them even more exciting for my players.

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