DnD Battlemap: Sparse Forest DnD Map. Part 4

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This set comes with 14 variations of Sparse Forest Map. Each map is seamless, so you can expand the scene out for more exploration by duplicating the map in the direction you want!
All of my maps (Sparse Forest Map. Part 1-5) are created to be seamless to fit together in order to create your perfect battlemap.
This map pack contains 14 different map variations, both in grid and gridless versions: daytime/nighttime, fireflies, rain, puddles, dusk, etc.

Though the victory was not without its costs. The adventurers sustained injuries in the fight, and the goblin ambush had set them behind schedule. But they knew they couldn’t give up and had to keep moving forward if they wanted to reach their destination. So they tended to their wounds, gathered their gear and set out once again into the depths of the sparse forest.

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Reviews (3)
  1. Troll Droll

    I recently used the “Sparse Forest” Battlemap in my DND game, and I have to say, it’s one of the best maps I’ve ever used. The level of detail is fantastic, and the open spaces on the map provide ample opportunity for dynamic combat situations.

  2. Goblin Boblin

    But what really impressed me were the additional weather styles included in the map. The rain and clouds added an extra level of immersion to our gameplay, and having a night version of the map really helped to create a spooky and atmospheric vibe.

  3. Kobold Shmobold

    I recently used the “Sparse Forest” Battlemap to add a new level of immersion to my DND campaign, and I was blown away by the way it transformed gameplay.

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