Lizardfolk DnD token / NPC token set

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164 NPC tokens for your online games: lizardfolk.

Lizardfolk have scaly skin, elongated faces, and sharp teeth. They are often depicted as being taller than humans, with lean, muscular builds that make them exceptionally strong. They possess natural weaponry such as claws and a powerful bite, and are highly skilled in amphibious combat and hunting.

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Reviews (3)
  1. Troll Droll

    I highly recommend the “Lizardfolk NPC Token Set” to any GM looking to create immersive lizardfolk encounters in their online campaigns.
    The tokens are visually striking, and they help me create lizardfolk characters that add an extra layer of interest and excitement to my campaigns.

  2. Kobold Shmobold

    The “Lizardfolk NPC Token Set” has helped me create a range of lizardfolk NPCs that are unique and interesting in my online games. The tokens are highly detailed, and they allow me to create a variety of lizardfolk characters with different personalities and attributes.

  3. Goblin Boblin

    Using the “Lizardfolk NPC Token Set,” I have been able to bring a level of realistic detail to my lizardfolk NPCs in my online campaigns. The tokens are visually stunning and highly-detailed, making it easy to create unique and intriguing NPCs.

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