Lizadrs – Animal/Familiar DnD token set

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192 animal/familiar tokens for your online games: lizards.

The free version contains a small part of the product as an example.

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One of the advantages of having a lizard familiar in DND is their exceptional agility and movement. They possess remarkable speed and acrobatic abilities, making them excellent scouts and messengers. Their ability to climb walls and sneak into tight spaces can prove invaluable in certain situations, allowing the party to gather crucial information or execute stealthy maneuvers.
Reviews (3)
  1. Kobold Shmobold

    The versatility of the lizard familiar tokens was impressive. Whether the players needed a sneaky scout, a distraction, or a quick messenger, these tokens allowed them to easily represent their familiars’ actions and abilities on the battlefield.

  2. Troll Droll

    The intricate details and colors on the lizard tokens really brought these creatures to life. It made it easier for the players to connect with their familiars and added a visually stunning element to our game.

  3. Goblin Boblin

    I found that the lizard tokens were particularly useful in stealth and scouting missions. The players were able to easily track their familiars’ movements and plan their actions accordingly.

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