Bats – Animal/Familiar DnD token set

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96 animal/familiar tokens for your online games: bats.

The free version contains a small part of the product as an example.

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Swarms of bats in DND can cause fear and chaos. These masses of flapping wings can obstruct vision, distract opponents, and drain the life force of those trapped within.
Reviews (3)
  1. Troll Droll

    Symbolically, the bat tokens served as a fantastic representation of darkness and mystery. They added depth to our campaign and helped create an atmospheric and immersive world for our players to explore.

  2. Goblin Boblin

    The bat tokens were fantastic for creating chaos on the battlefield. The players had to strategize and use area-of-effect spells to deal with the swarm, providing a thrilling and intense combat experience.

  3. Kobold Shmobold

    Using the bat tokens as familiars added a whole new dynamic to our spellcasting characters. The players loved having a physical representation of their loyal bat companions during our sessions.

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