DnD Battlemap: BIG Set – Plains DnD maps witn Paths

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This map pack contains 5 Plains Maps with paths and roads in 14 different variations with grid (392 items): daytime/nighttime, fireflies, rain, puddles, dusk, etc. Each map is seamless, so you can expand the scene out for more exploration by duplicating the map in the direction you want!

All of my Plains Maps are created to be seamless to fit together in order to create your perfect battlemap.


For personal use only!

Plain maps with winding trails are invaluable tools in the world of TTRPG. These detailed depictions capture the essence of expansive plains, showcasing the meandering pathways that lead adventurers through open landscapes. Whether adventurers are traversing open grasslands, encountering wandering nomads, or stumbling upon hidden encampments, these maps serve as a visual aid to guide players through their tabletop journeys. These maps are windows to endless exploration and exciting adventures.
Reviews (3)
  1. Troll Droll

    These plain maps with paths and roads have been an invaluable resource for my online D&D games. They offer clarity to my players while providing a visual canvas for immersive storytelling. A must-have for any campaign!

  2. Goblin Boblin

    These maps have streamlined navigation in my D&D sessions. They’re easy to incorporate into virtual tabletop platforms, and the paths and roads help players visualize their journey. My players love them!

  3. Kobold Shmobold

    These maps have saved me hours of preparation time. They’re ready-made, yet flexible enough to customize, allowing me to focus on crafting captivating narratives for my players.

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