Ratfolk DnD token / NPC token set

Available for: New Fans (~$5/month)

104 NPC tokens for your online games: ratfolk.

Ratfolk are physically small, but agile and quick-witted. Their bodies are covered in soft, thick fur, and their hands and feet are tipped with sharp claws, making them proficient climbers and nimble fighters. They have keen senses and are able to navigate through complex networks of tunnels and sewers with ease, making them excellent scouts and spies.

For personal use only!

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Reviews (3)
  1. Goblin Boblin

    I have found the “Ratfolk NPC Token Set” to be an excellent addition to my online gaming toolkit. The tokens are visually appealing, and they help me create detailed and unique ratfolk characters that add an extra layer of intrigue to my campaigns.

  2. Troll Droll

    The “Ratfolk NPC Token Set” has been an invaluable tool for creating ratfolk NPCs that are realistic and engaging in my online games. The tokens are easily customizable, and they allow me to bring a level of depth and personality to my NPCs that keeps players coming back for more

  3. Kobold Shmobold

    Using the “Ratfolk NPC Token Set,” I have been able to create a variety of ratfolk NPCs that add an exciting level of diversity to my online game-world. The tokens are visually appealing and highly detailed, allowing me to create rats of different shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique personality.

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