Orcs DnD token / NPC token set.

Available for: New Fans (~$5/month)

124 NPC tokens for your online games: orcs.

Orcs are naturally combative and often engage in conflicts with other races over resources or territory. They are known to form fiercely loyal clans, and their members will lay down their lives to defend their brethren. Despite their reputation for being unrefined and savage, Orc culture values kinship, honor, and resilience.

For personal use only!

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Reviews (3)
  1. Kobold Shmobold

    The art style is unique and has definitely made my games more immersive. My players have also taken notice and have commented on how much they love the new tokens. Overall, I highly recommend the Orcs NPC token set for any GM looking to step up their game with more visually appealing elements.

  2. Goblin Boblin

    The Orcs NPC token set has been an incredibly valuable addition to my online DND games. The attention to detail on each token is impressive, and it has been a great way to add variety to the NPCs in my games. The set has also been a big hit with my players, as they are always excited to see what new orcs and characters we will encounter during the game. I appreciate the high quality of the artwork and the level of immersion it provides for my games. I would highly recommend the Orcs NPC token set to any GM looking to enhance the visual experience of their online DND games.

  3. Troll Droll

    The Orcs NPC token set definitely did not disappoint! The artwork on each token is absolutely stunning and really brings the orcs to life. The set has also been a great way to keep my players engaged and interested, as they love seeing the different orcs and characters that come with the set. As a GM, I highly recommend the Orcs NPC token set for anyone looking to upgrade their online DND games. It’s been a game-changer for me and I can’t wait to see what other sets Icons has to offer!

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