DnD T-Shirt for Dungeon Master. You Can Try | DnD T-Shirt for DM
DnD T-Shirt for Dungeon Master, Gonna cry? | DnD T-Shirt for DM

Hello there! I’m a D&D fan and I’ve decided to create a special selection of t-shirts for dungeon masters. There aren’t many prints for DM (Dungeon Masters) right now, but I plan to add them periodically. In this article, I will post convenient links that will immediately lead you to the right sections of redbubble.

Let me tell you a little bit about my prints.:

DnD T-Shirt for Dungeon Master. Run, i'm CRAZY DM | DnD T-Shirt for DM

I made this illustration for the “achievements for the death of a character” stickers, and this sticker occupied the central place on the sheet. There were also a bunch of ghosts on the sheet who died in funny situations. I thought the players would collect them and stick them in a prominent place. However, among the comments on the post, I saw comments from DM (Dungeon Masters), and I was scared of understanding into whose hands these stickers might fall. I don’t sell stickers yet, but I hope to open a store on Etsy one day.

Sometimes I make comics about goblins. And since my comics are also related to DnD, at some point there was such a parody of DM (dungeon master). I liked the resulting character so much that I decided to create a separate print with his image.

DnD T-Shirt for Players, Achievement: Total party kill