DnD T-Shirt for bard. My rolls make great stories | DnD T-Shirt for Bard
DnD T-Shirt Dungeon bard. The lute is on fire | DnD T-Shirt for Bard
DnD T-Shirt for bard. Hello, i'm HORNY | DnD T-Shirt for Bard

Hi! Hmmm… And I have such horny prints for D&D T-shirts.

 I didn’t plan to make a separate section for prints related to the D&D bard. It all started when I won a prize in a competition that included printing stickers for a year. After thinking about the ideas for a long time, I came up with the idea of creating stickers dedicated to bards.

When creating these stickers, I imagined how cool the prints with these illustrations could be. 

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Let me tell you about a few prints from this collection:

DnD T-Shirt Love is being a BARD | DnD T-Shirt for Bard

I have been playing D&D for many years and have never met other players who would play as lusty bards. However, memes with lustful bards are always the funniest. Therefore, if you are looking for similar prints for a player who plays as a bard, then this is exactly what you need.

Although some prints in this collection may not be directly related to D&D, they are nevertheless a bit horny and would suit the bards of memes.

DnD T-Shirt for bard. Sex police | DnD T-Shirt for bard